Custom Made Apartment Inspirations

Custom Made Apartment Inspirations

Talking about energetic home style, we can feature it from custom made apartment. It is such a design requested from a new couple to Csorba Anita from Budapest. The home design requested is modern interior design using combination of colorful and inspiring decoration for apartment. This home design really catches our attention for it use original approach to be modern one. This design lays in 100 square meters and use dynamic collaboration style. For more information, let see the following pictures.

Over more than a half of the apartment space is used as opened living room area at once with dining table and kitchen sets. The nuances appear in soft color combination of white, light brown and dark brown with its furniture. Living room takes grey sofas at corner combined with round white wooden and ceramic table with dynamic crib on the table. It is well combined with wide grey rug, and bookcases right up the sofas. And then, a television is stuck on the cupboard sets in front of sofas set and it becomes bookcase on the back cupboard. The room becomes more energetic when there are some ornament and decoration around, such as a round stairs, pattern wallpaper, and ornaments.

Continuing to the other are in this same place, we can see that the whole room is nicely in one watched combination. Round table with some chairs around as dining table is located next to living room, at the center of that whole space. It is said as minimalist table when we look as single thing. Yet, it is not single thing here; it is placed near from luxury kitchen sets in wooden brown and white furniture. The ceiling is decorated in white with tiny spotlights. The racks are placed stuck the wall and there is also a counter. When we look at the bedroom side, blue and colorful combination style exists. The bedroom with vertical striped wallpaper on head side makes the nuance bright and energetic enough. The space becomes more benefit seen from a small cupboard next to the bed, in which there is a space to electric poser place. So, energetic custom made apartment of this apartment is a fantastic home design that can be applied in not large space.

Following the explanation above and the pictures, it is needed to consider what we are going to do with our small space house. We can get some more attractive ideas while seeing this energetic custom made apartment design and decoration.

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