Dining Room Design for Large Family

Dining Room Design for Large Family

For some family, a dining room design is the most important because it will be a place to enjoy the meal with your family and also to spend times and shares stories with your family members. Even the wall color of your dining room is important because it can raise your appetite, or the opposite. The other important things are the decoration that will be used. Some dining rooms from Ungerman Homes will give you another example and inspiration for your dining room.

From the pictures, we can see the custom dining room design that is made for those with large member of family. If you want a minimalist dining room, you can use dining table and chairs with plain black colors and dark wood flooring. For the curtain, you can use plaid motives with bright color and also hanged an abstract painting for a splash of color that won’t look too crowded. You can also use white leather chairs and black table and use the curtain that has the same color with the chairs.

If you prefer a decorated one, you can use chairs with motives and place some decorations on the table like by placing some fruits on a glass or by using unique-shaped mirrors. You can also add an extra small table with solid top and vase of flowers on it. If you like it, place a large mirror above the table and place them near the window with patterned bright curtain. If you live in a place with cold weather, you can add a small fireplace too.

For the color, people usually choose white furniture and wall. But, if you are afraid to use white because it will easy to get dirty, then you can choose dark color like dark brown or even black. If you prefer some color, you can use soft color like light blue wall or pale yellow. However, a dining room design with neutral color will be easier to be combined with any color of furniture and decoration.

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