Furniture Models for Home with Fresh Ideas

Furniture Models for Home with Fresh Ideas

These are furniture models for home to create fresh room atmosphere. This time, we will concern in the bathroom and laundry room. So, there are some interior designs which can be found in the bathroom and laundry room. Actually, it is minimalist room concept, but the appearance of those rooms gives comfortable sensation for the people who bathing and washing the cloth. This great idea comes from Magical Makeover Interiors. This great idea is applied in a project namely Master bath, main bath and laundry remodel project.

Related to those statements, these are the pictures of the bathroom and laundry room which we are talking about. Nice interior designs of the bathroom are nice furniture models for sweet home. You can see the wooden cabinet with marble counter top. In this cabinet, there are single bowl sink and black faucet. Above the cabinet is the big mirror. The appearance of the lamp adhering on the mirror makes the room seems so brighter. This bathroom has white door and the glass window with white window frame.

Next to the cabinet is the white closet. The white closet stands in the small space. Above the closet is the small shelf. It is for keeping some accessories and the bathing tools. You can see the watch, bronze angel sponge place and some bottles. Near the toilet place, there is white shelf. It is for keeping the towels and the basket. There are white towels and the wooden baskets in that shelf.

Then, there is relax are near the bathroom. This place is designed with beautiful iron carving adhering on the wall. Below that accessory is the chair with some pillows. Those pillows make you feel cozy take relaxation in this place. Let’s move inside the laundry room. In this room, there is white washing machine and some hanging clothes. The clothes are hanging on the hook door. After seeing these home sweet furniture reviews here, you can get new idea about minimalist bathroom and laundry room in fresh idea.

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