Lighting Design for Living Room

Lighting Design for Living Room

Many houses use large window or even glass wall to let natural lights come into the house nowadays, however it won’t work at night, and that’s why a lighting design is still important to a house. You can use the usual light bulb to light the room, but if you want to have a unique house with great interior, then you can think about using wall lamp aside from the ceiling lamps or hanging lamps with many designs.

The wall lighting design has more varieties than it has back then. There are so many colors and types. If you don’t want to use light bulbs, then you can use candle and sconces. You can see those lighting and sconces ideas from Lea Bassani design that will look great, especially for your living room with simple yet detailed design. These lamps and sconces can also be put in other rooms in your house, for example in the hallway or in the family room.

For a unique lamp design, you can see the wall lamp that is made to have a shape like a bowl. The glamour golden color fits well with the striped green wallpaper. The lamp also has a great detail with sculptures on both sides. For another example, you can see a white wall lamp with extended arm that is placed in a room with striped blue wallpaper. The lamp has a white rose below the light bulb, makes it look classic and elegant. There is also a lamp put in a picture of a sheep to make the wool shines.

Using candles will give the house an old classic feeling and brings a castle image to the house. You can choose to use one, two, or more candles in one sconce. If you want to use two candles, there is an example of a sconce on an orange room placed above vase of roses and has dark green cover. For sconces lighting design with one candle, it can be shaped to look like a wall lamp that will goes well in every room.

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