Reading House in Natural Nuance

Reading House in Natural Nuance

The hospitality of a reading house depends on the reading house design. The design must create an atmosphere where people will enjoy reading till they forget the time. A reading house must be quite but it has to be enough lights as well. One of the examples of wonderful reading houses is by FINNE Architects that have just completed a reading house for the Christian Science Church in Issaquah, Washington.

This reading house design concept is close-to-nature. It can be seen from the building of the reading house that is dominated with a wooden material. All the walls, the gable, even the roof are made of wood. For the flooring, the floor is installed with polished wooden flooring parquet. To accommodate the need of lights, most of the sides of the wall installed used for glass windows. However, in one side, the windows are installed with opaque glass. It is because several long wooden bookshelves are attached. The need of the natural light is also accommodate with the glass skylights which are set in-two-lines all along the roof. Under the roof, the wooden suspended ceiling gives natural touch.

In case of the reading seats, on one side, some super comfy sofas and armchairs are placed near the fireplace side. The sofas and armchair are completed with wooden and glass coffee tables. Meanwhile of the other side, some simple yet futuristic wooden tables and chair are located. The wooden tables are designed with bronze table legs. Some reading seats are also set outdoor. Wooden benches that designed with stone legs are placed halfway between pool and the edge.

This reading house presents a complete peace in reading or getting the job done. Natural elements of wood and stone are combined with the comfort reading seats in harmony. This is a realization of reading house design ideas that perfectly done.

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