Simple Home Design with Comfortable Sensation

Simple Home Design with Comfortable Sensation

Sometimes the people don’t like simple home design whereas this house can give comfortable sensation. Even, it doesn’t spend much space. Here, we will give you the performance of a house in minimalist concept. This house is built around the trees, so this house has fresh atmosphere. This house seems more beautiful in the winter season like the picture here. This time, you can get the interior and exterior designs of this house. So, you can get two benefits in one page.

See the simple home designs photos here. You can see exterior design of this building. This house is designed in wooden material for the front house. There is wooden wall with glass door, glass wall and glass window. The wooden garage door appears next to the porch. Then, in the deck, you can see the glass handrail as the protection. Some glasses material here is giving space for the people who are inside the house to enjoy the outside view.

Then, there is comfortable living room inside the house. The grey corner sofa stands in this room with some pillows. Under this sofa is the webbing carpet. Next to this living room is dining room. These rooms are designed without separation. The dining room is designed with black chairs and black wooden table. On the table, there are some accents. Above the table are the orange bulbs for lighting. These furniture designs are standing above the black oak flooring.

See the bedroom then. There are some wonderful interior designs for creating comfortable sensation in this room. The bed stands with wooden frame. There are pillows and brown leather blanket. Under the bed is the grey carpet. Next to the bed is the basket and white table. From this bed, you can enjoy the outside view through glass wall. These are simple home interior designs photos which are designed by Catlin Stothers Design, Pierre Thibault, and Labrie Daigle Design Studio.

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