Wooden Home Plans Remodel Design

Wooden Home Plans Remodel Design

Do you have wooden home plans? Do you want to find some reference about it? If the answer is yes, you can get the reference from this page, because we provide some pictures of the house remodel design and also floor plans. So, you can see the exterior and interior house performance and the room designs. It is clear enough to know the new house base through these pictures here. Anyway this great project is designed by Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio. So, please take a look for more information.

Here are the pictures of the house. From the outside house, it can’t be seen that the house is designed in oak material, like timber frame home plans because the front house is designed in brick. Well, let’s move inside the house. In the hallway, there is timber stair tread with wooden handrail. The wooden handrail adheres on the white wall. The oak shelf is beside the stair. On the wall, there are some glass windows. You can see outside view through those windows.

Move to other room. There is small space with the portable wooden table next to the wall. It can be used for the office room. Then, the bathroom is designed in modern concept. There is window in that shower room. That shower room is designed with green tile flooring and glass wall. This is large space for the shower room. The shower is putted next to the wall. Absolutely, you feel so cozy when take a bath in this bathroom.

The last is the pictures of the floor plans. Through those pictures, you can see the room location. It shows the room arrangement in the downstairs and the upstairs. The pictures are also showing the exterior design of this house. Even, you can see the location of this house like in the map. So, it makes you feel easier to manage your house. After all, the floor plans help you to get best timber frame home plans designs for your house.

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